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Trusts and Superannuation

These days, many families accumulate wealth through the use of family trusts and superannuation.

A family trust can offer good asset protection benefits against creditors.  Also, the trustee can usually distribute the income of the trust to the beneficiaries tax effectively.

However, assets in your family trust will not form part of your estate.  Therefore, it is important to ensure that control of the family trust passes to the people that you want.  We can help by reviewing the trust deed and ensuring that documents are in place to ensure a stable transition when you are no longer able to control the trust.

Likewise, many people use superannuation because of the generally lower income tax rate applied within the fund, and the lower marginal rate of tax on earnings.  However, there are strict rules about who can receive your superannuation on death.  We can help by ensuring your affairs are structed to ensure that your superannuation is received by the beneficiaries you select, and by making recommendations about receiving it tax effectively.

We can also help you to establish a family trust, self-managed superannuation fund, and to incorporate a company as trustee of your family trust or self-managed superannuation fund

Estate Accounting

We specialise in preparing detailed and accurate estate records, ready for submission. If you’re acting as an executor, this can make all the difference during a complex process.

Family Provision

There are times when a will doesn’t satisfy all parties. In these instances, some family members can apply to have the terms of a will changed. Whether you are making a claim, or are an executor defending a claim, we can help.

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