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Ensuring a smooth property transaction
Buying or selling a house, land or commercial property? Our skilled solicitors will guide you through the complex conveyancing, or property transfer, process, making it smooth and stress-free.
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Estate Accounting

Keeping estate transactions in check
We specialise in preparing detailed and accurate estate records, ready for submission. If you’re acting as an executor, this can make all the difference during a complex process.
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Estate Administration

Taking care of your estate
John Poole has successfully acted as executor and trustee for many estates. With discretion and transparency, he’ll take the weight off your loved ones’ shoulders during a difficult time.
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Estate Planning

What will you leave behind?
It’s never too early to get your affairs in order. A properly prepared will protects your property and ensures your loved ones are looked after when you pass away. As estate planning specialists, we can help you get your affairs in order. Simply meet with us to discuss your wishes, and we’ll prepare your will for you.
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Executor's Commission

Claim for executor’s commission
As an executor of an estate, you may be able to claim costs for your efforts. We’ll guide you in preparing and submitting your application, and take care of the accounts and statements you’ll need.
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Family Provision

Making a family provision claim
There are times when a will doesn’t satisfy all parties. In these instances, some family members can apply to have the terms of a will changed. Whether you are making a claim, or are an executor defending a claim, we can help.
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Issues Between Beneficiaries & Executors

Advice and support for resolving issues
If you wish to contest a will, or need to defend a claim to vary a will, our caring and discreet team can advise you on your chances of success and help you get the best outcome.
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Powers of Attorney & Guardianship

Prepare for your future, and protect your assets
Who will make financial, legal and lifestyle decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to? When we meet to discuss your will, we can discuss why, how and who to appoint as an Enduring Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardian.
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A public notary is able to witness signatures and certify copies of documents for use overseas. This includes personal documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, and university transcripts, or commercial documents such as company incorporations and loan agreements.
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A family trust can offer good asset protection benefits against creditors.  Also, the trustee can usually distribute the income of the trust to the beneficiaries tax effectively.
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