Maurice Buckley, C.T. Poole & Son


Public notary

A public notary is able to witness signatures and certify copies of documents for use overseas.
This includes personal documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, and university transcripts, or commercial documents such as company incorporations and loan agreements.
As a public notary, Philip is able to assist by verifying your signature and authenticating copies of documents. We can also liaise with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to have them legalise documents or to apply an Apostille.

Executors Commission

As an executor of an estate, you may be able to claim costs for your efforts. We’ll guide you in preparing and submitting your application, and take care of the accounts and statements you’ll need.

Estate Accounting

We specialise in preparing detailed and accurate estate records, ready for submission. If you’re acting as an executor, this can make all the difference during a complex process.

Accredited Specialist Wills & Estates Law