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What will you leave behind?


If you were to pass away tomorrow, who would get your assets? Where would your superannuation go? And who would care for your children?

A will is one of the most important documents you’ll ever sign. It provides peace of mind that your assets will go to the people you love.

Expert will preparation

When preparing your will, we take the time to understand your circumstances.

In our office, we’ll discuss your wishes and prepare the will to your instructions. We’ll then present you with the will to check and sign under our supervision.


What should I consider when preparing a will?

A will is not simply a list of assets. It’s your chance to choose who will receive the wealth, no matter how big or small, that you’ve spent a lifetime building, and who will receive the things you’ve collected over the years.

It’s also an important way to avoid family arguments at a difficult time. You also need to consider who would look after any dependents, and protect their future.

There are other practical considerations too, such as tax advice, organ donation and funeral arrangements. You can also appoint a solicitor to execute your will, rather than placing the administrative burden on your family or friends.

Contact us to discuss preparing your will

Issues Between Beneficiaries & Executors

If you wish to contest a will, or need to defend a claim to vary a will, our caring and discreet team can advise you on your chances of success and help you get the best outcome.


Buying or selling a house, land or commercial property? Our skilled solicitors will guide you through the complex conveyancing, or property transfer, process, making it smooth and stress-free.

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